Hue Hue Coffee Rum Liqueur 35%

Eastside Distilling
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Spirit Type Liqueur
Proof 70
State Oregon
Country USA

Producer Notes:
As we brought the glass up for a sip, dark chocolate and baking spices dominated our senses. The aromatics transported us to rich volcanic Guatemalan hillsides where the coffee for Hue-Hue is grown. It was robust, acidic, and unmistakably coffee. With the first sip came something more tropical: a hint of banana and ripe stone fruit, and we found ourselves on white sand Caribbean beaches; rum country. The finish was all chocolate covered raisins and that familiar moment of your entire body waking up with a warm cup of coffee. We were back home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

The taste of Hue-Hue is a direct result of the real-life journey each of our ingredients takes before they reach us.

Our premium silver rum is Carribean sourced and distilled from molasses – a perfect velvety smooth base with more character than, say, grain vodka. A great rum should be naturally sweet without being sweetened, so we don’t add any sugar to the rum base. It’s notes are pleasantly floral and distinguishably tropical. 

The coffee used for Hue-Hue is grown and harvested from the rich volcanic soil hillsides of Hueheutenango, Guatemala. This remote coffee region is renowned for producing some of the finest coffee in the world. All of the coffee we use for Hue-Hue comes directly from the female owned and operated Finca El Paternal estate under the direction of farmer Miguelina Villatoro. Each coffee cherry is hand picked at just the right time and the outer fruit is removed exposing the green coffee “bean” inside. The green coffee is then loaded up into jute bags 150 pounds at a time to prepare for its long journey to Portland, Oregon.

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