Joseph Etournaud & Co XXO Grande Fine Champagne 1er Cru Cognac 30 Years

Joseph Etournaud & Co
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Brandy Type Cognac
Country France
Region Cognac
Size 750ml

This bottle of Grande Champagne Cognac was aged 30 years in barrel before bottling. We can't be sure what year that was but it didn't show up on the shores of America until the 1930's, just after the repeal of the Prohibition. We know that it did survive World War I, most likely in cask and very possibly hidden behind a false wall or underground vault.  Fine cognacs don't often survive the appetites of occupying armies and this extremely rare specimen is in fantastic condition.

The fill is mid-shoulder, color is a beautiful dark amber with great clarity. The State of Illinois tax stamp is in excellent condition and dated 1936. The labels are all fully intact and while there is definite aging it is well within the range of what one would expect for this age. Frankly, if it looked perfect we'd be disappointed. The patina suits it perfectly.

This irreplaceably rare bottle has been in our cellar on Wells Street since we purchased the Cognac in 1936.

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