Jin Jiji Darjeeling India Dry Gin

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Spirit Type Gin
Country India
Size 750ml

Distiller's notes: "Jin JiJi Darjeeling is our first tea-inspired variant. We chose Tea as a foundational component because India is home to the world's most distinctive geographically indicated (GI) tea regions, and we feel Gin is a spirit with the ability to express terroir. It is copper-pot-distilled in Goa, India."

Three day’s drive from Delhi will find you in Goa, on India’s southwestern coast. Known for its white beaches, architectural jewels, and culinary heritage, Goa is home to Nao Spirits and the production of Jin JiJi and Hapusa Gins. Produced by Anand Virmani and Jay Dhawan, these spirits are distilled in copper pot, adding an additional layer of rarity to the already unique endeavor of making gin in India. Sourcing botanicals indigenous to the region, these spirits speak of place with a refreshing voice, adding value to a spirits category in which new products don’t easily distinguish themselves.

The first line extension from exciting ‘India Dry Gin’ producer, Jin Jiji, this expression highlights Darjeeling black tea, which is grown in West Bengal, India, under registered geographic designation. Botanicals include Himalayan & Macedonian Juniper, Coriander Seed, Angelica & Orris Root, Cashew Nut, Indian Lemon Peel, Ginger, Clove, Cardamon, and of course, Darjeeling Tea. Distilled in Goa on a copper pot still, Jin Jiji Darjeeling entices with a nose of black tea and cream—a textural promise made good by the weighty mouthfeel from the cashew nut and bolstered by prominent baking spice, cocoa nib, and bright, juicy ginger. An earthy finish lingers, bringing the tea back to the fore. 43% ABV.

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