Hamilton "Beachbum Berry's Zombie Blend" Rum 59% ABV 1-Liter

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Spirit Type Rum
Origin West Indies
Size 1L

In 2005, Beachbum Berry unearthed the original lost” Zombie recipe, which called for three different Caribbean rums. Fourteen years later, Ed Hamilton was drinking, yes rum, with the Bum at his New Orleans bar when the conversation turned to the challenge of recreating the lost cocktails of the last century. Over the next two years they blended scores of rums with the goal of creating a blend that will reanimate your Zombie, fuel your Jet Pilot, and punch up your favorite Tiki Classics without the trouble of inventorying three different rums at home or at a bar.

This blend had to be more than an overproof slug of rum, but rather bring balance to the final drink through a skillful and subtle marriage of multiple, aged, Caribbean spirits.

Spirit Type:
West Indies