Duncan Taylor Smokin' A Gentleman's Dram Blended Scotch Whisky

Duncan Taylor
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Spirit Type Whiskey
Whiskey Type Blended
Country Scotland
Size 750ml

Blended in small batches, Duncan Taylor has created a modern blended whisky using peaty malts from throughout Scotland, and paying homage to the legendary old, heavy smoky blends of yesteryear. Whisky as it used to be!

Smokin’ - The Gentleman’s Dram contains smoky whiskies from distilleries throughout Scotland, no longer bound by regional definitions. The Master Blender has perfectly balanced the robust peat smoke flavours now being produced by mainland Scottish distillers and complimented them with the smooth notes of toffee and vanilla produced by pairing grain whisky and fresh bourbon casks.

Smokin’ – The Gentleman’s Dram is renowned for its rich flavour and uncompromising character, a full bodied experience to be savoured.

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