Dashfire Bitters Spiced Apple Bitters

Dashfire Bitters
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Garnish Bitters
Country USA
Region Minnesota
Size 50ml

Producer's Notes: All you expect from such a comforting flavor. Warm spices meld with a mix of botanicals like juniper and pink peppercorn for a unique but easy-to-use bitters.

This is ideal for the Martinez, the Inca Cocktail, the Manhattan, and the Old Fashioned.

Dashfire crafts the largest collection of bitters in the world. Now having the largest selection of bitters is not exactly the most important thing in the world, but having a wide range of flavors is extremely important if you want your cocktails to sing. The perfect parallel to bitters flavor range is your spice rack: the spectrum of nuance and specificity enables creativity. An artist can be creative with just a few colors of paint, but give that same artist a world of color and you'll see something truly amazing!