Dashfire Bitters Clove Bitters

Dashfire Bitters
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Size 50ml

Dashfire Clove Bitters are perfect for the East Indian Cocktail, the Pisco Sourthe Brandy Alexander, and Egg Nog.

Producer's Notes: These bitters are for the creative cocktail and culinary minds out there. Direct and to the point but also wildly complex, these flavors add their own element. They also meld well together for complexity and true mastery of flavor.

Bitters are the salt and pepper of the cocktail world and just like a spice cabinet your bitters selection can be as broad is you want it to be. You can think of the aromatic and vagabond collections as spice blends but sometime you want to add just that one note. That is where the botanical collection comes in. With a wide variety of bitters based on these base botanical you will have more than enough choices and options to work with.