Blandy's Malmsey Madeira Aged 10 Years 500ml

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Varietal Terrantez
Country Portugal
Region Madeira
Appellation Malmsey
Size 500ml

Wilfred Wong: 92 Points “Most of us in the wine industry rarely reach for a bottle of Madeira, and we are less enriched. Madeira, and all of its ranges of sweetness, complexity, and variations, offers unique and exciting experiences. The Blandy's 10-Year-Old Malmsey is decadent and lasting on the palate. This wine is complex and sweet. Its aromas and flavors of dried apricots, toasted nuts, and brine should pair it supremely with chocolate mousse and other decadent desserts.”

Wine Enthusiast: 91 Points “Mildly syrupy in texture, this is an intensely sweet Madeira balanced by racy acidity. Rancio and brown sugar aromas lead the way, followed by flavors of caramelized nuts, molasses and burnt citrus peel. Excellent length on the finish, where the crisp acids really shine.

Winery Notes: Blandy's 10 Year Old Malmsey Madeira has intensely concentrated nutty, caramel and honeyed flavors. Although it is a rich, fortified wine, it finishes bright due to Madeira's higher acidity.

Blandy's 10-Year-Old Malmsey is bottled ready to drink after an average of at least ten years of cask aging. It has a t-cap closure, which means that you don't need a corkscrew to open it and that it will stay fresh for many months if stored in a cool, dark place or refrigerator. Serve it in a glass with at least a six-ounce capacity so that you may appreciate the wine's aromas. It is delicious with nutty desserts like almond cake or pecan pie and anything made with rich chocolate! In warmer months, try it chilled for a refreshing dessert in a glass.