A. C. Meukow & Co "Cordon D'Or" 20 Years Old Fine Cognac 1950s Bottling

A. C. Meukow & Co
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Brandy Type Cognac
Country France
Region Cognac
Size 750ml

The fill is mid-shoulder, the color is a deep amber and the clarity is exceptional.  This cognac was bottled in the 1950s and would have been in cask (for a minimum of 20 years) during World War II.  The labels are all in impeccable condition as this bottle was wrapped in the original tissue for several decades.  The bottle shows the signs of early machine manufacturing.  There is a thickness and visible grains in the glass without the bubble that are contrived today.  The glass was made for Meukow and their name is printed in raised text on the back of the bottle.  This item has been held in the House of Glunz cellar for 60+ years.

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