J. Henry & Sons Barrel-Aged Manhattan Kit

J Henry & Sons
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Whiskey Type Bourbon
Whiskey Subtype Wisconsin Bourbon
Country USA
Region Wisconsin
Size 750ml

The J. Henry Barrel-Aged Manhattan Kit is a must have for everyone who wants to make barrel-aged cocktails at home.

The kit includes:
750-ml bottle of J. Henry & Sons Small Batch 5 Years Old Bourbon Whiskey
187-ml bottle of Brovo "Jammy" sweet vermouth
1-liter hand coopered oak barrel with a spigot and bung cap
Instructions for how to make the cocktail and take care of the barrel.

The barrel can be used over and over again for many years of great barrel-aged cocktails.

The use simple.  Fill the barrel with warm water so the staves swell and seal the barrel.  Once the barrel holds water without leaking, drain the barrel through the top hole and fill it with the bottle of J. Henry Small Batch Bourbon and the bottle of Brovo Sweet Vermouth.  Age the barrel in a cool, dark place for 3 weeks, if you can wait that long, then enjoy your barrel aged Manhattan straight from the barrel or bottle the cocktail and start the process again and experiment with your next barrel-aged cocktail.

Distiller's Notes: Reward Yourself with a glass of hand-crafted bourbon, aged in new, charred oak barrels for a minimum of five years. Made from heirloom red corn, developed in 1939 by the University of Wisconsin, that’s grown on our farm, J. Henry & Sons Bourbon possesses a refined flavor and aroma that’s both distinctive and delicious. Our bourbon is a labor of love that’s meant to be experienced after a hard day’s work or play. So sit back and enjoy your reward!

True small-batch bourbon crafted from lots of only 16 barrels, slowly and carefully reduced to gently move the spirit to an approachable 92 proof (46% alcohol). Deep and complex with a distinct approachability.

J. Henry & Sons: “To us, authenticity means crafting something extraordinary, from the soil to the bottle — not because we have to, but because of an undeniable passion to do so. It’s what our family has been known for since 1946."

Whiskey Type:
Whiskey Subtype:
Wisconsin Bourbon