Famous Grapes

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Send your family and friends on a world tour of most revered grapes! This exciting gift will transport their delighted palates to some of the planet’s quintessential vineyard sites as they enjoys the fruits of Germany’s famed Riesling-planted slopes, California’s world-renowned Napa Valley, the regal, historic estates of Bordeaux, Tuscany's sun-bathed vineyards, and Chile’s ancient Carménère vines. A breathless trip of six wines spanning light and vibrant whites to deep, thoughtful reds.

Falkenberg Madonna Kabinett, Dry Riesling, Rhine, Germany

Saint Supery Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley, California USA

Château Monplaisir, Bordeaux, France

Donna Laura "Ali", Tuscany, Italy

Gouleyant Malbec de Cahors, France

Casas Del Bosque Carménère, Chile